Ninja Fishing

Ninja fishing is a tiny fishing game worth experiencing that you cannot miss. The gameplay of the game is extremely unique and novel. Although it was released in 2014, the game has attracted up to 16 million downloads and has not stopped. This is a game with a series of fishing missions like other games of the same genre but with an extremely unique fish-slashing function.


Super addictive Fish & Slash game!

Master both tilt and touch controls perfectly.

There are over 130 species of fish to collect.

Earn GOLD to buy many super upgrades like katanas, boats, fishing guides, and more.

Collect over 80 rare prizes!

Build amazing buildings in Ninja Village

Go fishing on 6 ISLANDS (+ more coming soon)

Hunt for rare elemental dragons!

Find treasure chests with gifts.

super-sharp HD graphics.

Otoro is the main character of Ninja Fishing, a retired ninja who wants to spend time fishing on the high seas. He possesses a strong body and top skills, so he can catch a lot of fish in a short time. When experiencing this, you will tilt the phone screen to fish and slash fish. Just fish as much as possible within the allowed time, and your winning rate is very high.

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