Train your brain through games

  1. Play crossword puzzles and solve puzzles every day. Basic puzzles, like crossword puzzles, give the brain a chance to get some light exercise. These are the activities that can be easily done in this. Furthermore, the internet is also full of free crosswords and puzzles. Equipping and training the brain is a very important activity. You can train your brain every day through puzzles and word guessing Foodle.
  2. Solve more complex puzzles. Complex and “difficult” puzzles require more brain activity. Sometimes it will take you from a few days to a week to solve the puzzle, but the result is totally worth your effort. Don’t just solve the traditional puzzles; try the Japanese pocket quiz to keep your brain working at full capacity while you’re free.
  3. Play chess. Chess is a highly strategic intellectual game. In terms of brain training, very few puzzles can beat chess. Chess is also an easy game to learn and play.

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